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Form I-9 and Work Authorization

Last updated Tuesday, April 9, 2024

It is unlawful for the University to knowingly employ a Foreign National not authorized to work in the United States. Federal law requires that all new employees complete a Form I-9 to document that they are authorized to work in the United States.

Similarly, the University can only make payments to Foreign Nationals who are legally authorized to work in the United States. It is critical that payments, compensation, wages, and scholarship/fellowship stipends are taxed appropriately.

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How to Complete Form I-9 in Workday as a Foreign National Employee

Refer to the Complete Form I-9 – Foreign Nationals User Guide for step-by-step instructions.

Know When Your Work Authorization Expires

Employment eligibility verification is required for receiving any type of payment through Workday.

Work authorization documents have expiration dates. Working without authorization is considered illegal and may cause immigration issues in the future.

Note for Administrators
Departments can review the expiration dates of their Foreign National employees’ work authorization documents by running R0040 Foreign National Expiring Work Authorization Audit in Workday.

Notifications regarding expiring work authorizations are sent from Glacier Tax Compliance to the employee. It is the employee’s responsibility to then notify their department about the status of their work authorization.

Refer to the table below for help locating the expiration date of the work authorization document(s) for the most common visa types.

Visa Type Work Authorization Document Where to Find the Document’s Expiration Date
 F-1 Form I-20 The expiration date of Form I-20 is the Program End Date
(Note: For a Form I-20 revised in 1988, the expiration date is the latter date on Question 5, “complete studies no later than…”)
 J-1 Form DS-2019 The expiration date of Form DS-2019 is the date found under Form Covers Period: > To (mm-dd-yyyy)
TN Form I-94 The expiration date of Form I-94 is the Admit To Date
the end date written on entry stamp in passport by USCIS
H-1B Form I-797A The expiration date of Forms I-797A and I-797B is the End Date listed in the box at the top right of the form
F-1 OPT, DACA, Asylee, H-4, J-2 Employment Authorization (EAD) Card The expiration date of an EAD card is the Card Expires date

Extending/Renewing Your Work Authorization

USCIS rules require employers like the UW to re-verify an employee’s Form I-9 when their previously submitted work authorization documents expire. The reverification is required by USCIS to verify that the employee is still able to work in the US.

When your work authorization is extended, it may change your tax status. It is critical that your payments are taxed appropriately.

How to renew/extend your work authorization

  • The employee is responsible for starting the process of renewing their work authorization.

The UW departments below can help you with the work authorization renewal process.

For all other visa types/EAD card holders, renewals are done directly with the USCIS.

Once your Work Authorization has been renewed/extended…

After the Work Authorization extension has been received:

  1. Present your new Work Authorization documents to your department’s I-9 Coordinator so they can update your record in Workday.
  2. Your department’s I-9 Coordinator then completes Supplement B, Reverification and Rehire of Form I-9 per the guidance in the Complete Form I-9 – Foreign Nationals User Guide (step 16).
  3. Update Glacier Tax Compliance with the new expiration date of your work authorization; refer to Getting Started in Glacier Tax Compliance for instructions.
  4. In Glacier Tax Compliance, generate an updated Glacier packet.
  5. Send your updated Glacier packet to the Payroll Office.

Special rules may apply to specific EAD card holders allowing you to work for an additional 180 days past the expiration date listed on the EAD card. You must have applied for an extension of your current EAD card and receive the I-797C receipt from USCIS.

H-1B visa holders that have applied for an extension are allowed to work for an additional 240 days from the expiration date of their current H-1B Work Authorization. You must have received a copy of the I-797C receipt from USCIS.

E-Verify for OPT/STEM Extensions

The University of Washington participates in the E-Verify process. Only employees paid from a federal contract or grant with an E-Verify clause are required to go through the E-Verify process.

The UW Payroll E-Verify account number, which can be used on the OPT/STEM extension forms, is 293411.

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