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Employment Verification Requests

Last updated Monday, April 15, 2024

How to Submit Your Request

To determine who to contact to obtain employment verification information, select the appropriate choice below.

Employment Verification FAQs

Like i2Verify previously, The Work Number is a service organizations can use to verify employment and income information. As of May 12, 2023, the University of Washington uses The Work Number for employee verifications and PSLF forms.

If needed, the UW’s Employer Code is 157319.

The Work Number can provide an employee’s:

  • Current or most recent job title
  • Dates of employment
  • Base annual salary
  • Employment status (Active/Inactive, Full/Part-Time, Perm/Temp)

The Work Number cannot provide an employee’s:

  • Job information prior to June 15, 2013
  • Job duties or reasons for separation
  • Personal data, such as address
  • Professional certifications
  • Work schedule, attendance or timesheet information
  • Amount of sick/vacation time off
  • Wage/loss insurance forms
  • Performance information
  • Credentialing information (If seeking credentialing information, please contact the employee’s home department.)

Create your The Work Number account via their website; get help using your The Work Number account by contacting member@equifax.com.

If needed, the UW’s Employer Code is 157319.

Contact The Work Number directly – they will work with the UW to update your information in their system. Review FAQ #2, above, for contact information. Once The Work Number has updated their records, they will respond back to you.

If you are on a continuous leave of absence, or have not yet been returned from your leave of absence in Workday, your verification information will show an “on leave” status. Please work with your department to be returned from leave if you are no longer on an active leave of absence.

The information in The Work Number’s system is updated shortly after the close of every payroll cycle. In other words, changes to an employee’s status (e.g. timesheet approvals, retro payment, terminations) made in the course of any given pay cycle will appear in The Work Number’s system once that pay cycle closes. Refer to the Payroll and Workday Approval Deadline Calendar page for additional detail; the close of each payroll cycle is indicated on the calendar.

Additionally, if your “on leave” status recently changed, and you urgently need an employment verification reflecting your new status, please contact The Work Number directly (review FAQ #2, above, for contact information) to explain your situation and request a “Custom Verification Letter.” The Work Number will then work with the University of Washington to confirm all status/employment changes.

No, The Work Number does not require an employer code or a salary key for verification requests or system registration. Please have your lender try contacting The Work Number directly – review FAQ #2, above, for contact information.

If, for any reason, an employer code needs to be provided, the UW’s Employer Code is 157319.

The choice you make is entirely dependent on the information you need. The differences between the contents of an employment verification report and an employment verification letter are summarized below.

Employment Data Included in an Employment Verification Report? Included in an Employment Verification Letter?
Original and Adjusted Hire Date YES YES
Employment status* YES YES
Separation date(s) YES YES
Employment Type (full or part time) YES YES
Company Letterhead YES YES
Total Time Worked YES No
Home address in Workday YES No
Job and Wage History YES No
List of Gross YTD totals per paycheck YES No
Current Job title No YES
Verifier Contact Information No YES
Signature and Title of Authorized Official No YES

* Status will show as “on leave” if the employee is actively on any type of approved leave of absence.

Yes. The Work Number can complete forms submitted to them via the secure file upload tool on their website. Review FAQ #2, above, for contact information.

The University of Washington does not provide verbal or electronic verifications or re-verifications. However, the following self-service resources are readily available as proof of current employment:

  • The Work Number provides unlimited reports at no cost to University of Washington employees. Review FAQ #2, above, for contact information.
  • A year-to-date payslip (from the pay period immediately preceding the note date) can be printed/downloaded from Workday at any time. Refer to the Understanding Your Payslip in Workday section of the Paycheck and Payday Information page for more information.

Yes. The Work Number’s secure verification process meets the FCRA’s requirement of a permissible purpose1 for all employment verification requests. For income verification requests, verifiers must additionally certify to The Work Number that they have employee consent.2

1. “Permissible purpose” is an FCRA-compliant reason for requesting employment and/or income information. Common permissible purposes include: for the extension of credit, as part of an account review, for employment purposes, or when ordered by a court. A permissible purpose is required for each employment or income data request. 2. “Employee consent” is the employee’s authorization for access to their employment and/or income information. Employee consent can be in the form of an ink signature, an electronic signature or Permission Key for The Work Number. Verifiers must certify they have employee consent for each income verification request.

Employment Verification or PSLF Form Completion?

This page provides guidance for employment verification requests only. If you need your PSLF form completed, please visit PSLF Form Certification Requests instead.