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Welcome Medical Centers Employees!

Welcome to the University of Washington and congratulations on the new job!

As with any new job, you’ll have some paperwork to complete and some deadlines to meet during your first days and weeks here.

Just as importantly, though, we want you to discover the UW community that you’ll help shape. Between the research, the museums, the sports, the start-ups, the theater, the music, the architecture, and of course the cherry blossoms, there’s a lot going on here.

The UW is recognized as a “Great College to Work For” by the Chronicle of Higher Education. Based on surveys completed by approximately 500 faculty and staff, the UW is specifically recognized for having high employee job satisfaction and great benefits.

Take a moment to congratulate yourself — this is the community you are joining. Your first day at UW will be exciting and preparing for it will help you get off to the right start.

On your first day:

  • Come ready to ask questions
  • Be prepared to tell people about yourself and your role
  • Make a good first impression, smile
  • Listen and observe
  • Relax and be yourself

If your supervisor hasn’t already contacted you, reach out and ask any questions you have about your first day. Your department is also likely to have an HR administrator, payroll coordinator, or other administrative employee who can help you out. To find contact information, use the faculty, staff, and student directory.

On your first day you’ll have some forms to fill out including the U.S. Employment Eligibility Verification I-9 form. Bring documentation of your identity and employment authorization, such as your driver’s license and social security card, or a U.S. passport. Complete your I-9 form and refer to the full list of acceptable documentation, in Workday.

Prior Service Credit

You may be eligible for prior state service credit if you are UW staff who has previously worked as staff for the state of Washington. Credit for past Washington state employment is used to establish your:

  • Vacation time off accrual rate
  • Sick time off balance

NEO Checklist

Prepare for New Employee Orientation (NEO) by reading your hire letter and completing the attached Pre-NEO Checklist. Make note of your Union Status and Employment Classification.

Health and Wellness

While working at UW, you’ll of course earn a paycheck. Plus, you’ll take full advantage of your generous retirement plan, your health plan, and other formal benefits. But don’t overlook the other resources you have at your fingertips — stay healthy, have fun, and meet life’s challenges head on.

The Whole U

There are lots of ways to be well: try a new recipe, share a hobby, join a walking group, attend a lecture, do some yoga, volunteer, dance, sing. Discover these and more with The Whole U, a program designed to connect employees to one another and to the University. In addition to hosting free events, workouts, and social groups, The Whole U also coordinates discounts for fitness memberships and other wellness services.

Washington Employee Assistance Program (WA EAP)

Find an array of work/life resources that go beyond the ordinary. From counseling and legal assistance to financial resources and employee support programs, the Washington Employee Assistance Program offers comprehensive solutions to meet your unique needs. These services are staffed by local professionals in Washington, ensuring personalized support that aligns with our commitment to your well-being.


We all want to be well, but sometimes making healthy changes takes a little nudge. Get a $125 nudge through SmartHealth, the official wellness program for Washington state employees. The website is simple and fun to use: find activities, make a plan, track your points, and earn the $125 incentive.

More health and wellness resources

Additional resources to help you stay healthy and be well:

Policy and Ethics

As a UW and state employee you’re required to work in an ethical manner and follow all policies and laws governing your employment.

Financial fraud and ethics hotline

The University of Washington launched a new reporting hotline that provides an anonymous way to report any instances of financial fraud or ethics violations.

The Financial Fraud & Ethics Hotline is a simple way to report something that appears to be wasteful or illegal. Administered through an independent company, the Hotline is available 24/7, 365 days a year, and reports can be submitted anonymously online or via a toll-free phone line. Individuals within the UW community are encouraged to report any known or suspected financial fraud or ethics violation through the Hotline.

Promoting a responsible and ethical workplace is everyone’s responsibility. We’re committed to doing our part and urge you to do yours by reporting known or suspected violations. Even if you’re not sure that what you’ve witnessed is unethical or a violation, the best course of action is to report it. You may submit an anonymous report to the Hotline at www.uwhuskies.ethicspoint.com or by calling toll-free 1-844-518-1420.

Additional information regarding the Hotline, ethics and code of conduct is available on the UW Internal Audit website. Questions can be directed to 206-543-4028 or iaudit@uw.edu.

Laws and policies

These can get complicated quickly, so use this page as an overview and starting point for digging into the details. If you think any of the situations below might pertain to you or if you have further questions, talk to either your supervisor or your department’s human resources consultant.

Conflict of interest: You cannot participate in certain UW business transactions when you have family or economic ties to other people involved in the transaction. For details, refer to Revised Code of Washington 42.52.

Personal use of state resources: You cannot use state-owned equipment or facilities (for example, computers, cars, or your office) for private benefit or gain. For details, refer to policy statement 47.2.

Accepting gifts: In general, you can’t accept a gift, gratuity, or anything of value if that gift might be reasonably expected to influence your professional duties. For details, refer to Revised Code of Washington 42.52.

Kickbacks: You can’t give someone, such as a contractor, favorable treatment in exchange for a kickback, which is any form of compensation; nor can you offer a kickback in hopes of favorable treatment. For details, refer to Revised Code of Washington 42.52.

Outside consulting work: You must receive approval from your supervisor before engaging in outside professional work. For details, refer to policy statement 47.3.

Drug-free workplace: You can’t possess, use, distribute, or manufacture alcohol or drugs on UW property or during UW-sponsored events. On UW property, alcohol can be consumed only if in accordance with state liquor license procedure. For details, refer to policy statement 13.7.

Whistleblower Act: You are encouraged to report state-government employees who engage in improper actions. When you report improper actions, you’ll be protected from reprisal or retaliatory action. For details, refer to policy statement 47.1. In most cases, violations involving UW personnel should be reported through the financial fraud and ethics hotline.

Public Records Act: The UW values transparency, and as an employee you must fully assist with public records requests when asked. If involved in a public records request, you’re required to help find and provide all records described in the request. These records can be any form of communication, information, or data — digital or paper. For details, refer to policy statement 57.9.

Discrimination and AA

UW complies with the law and spirit of equal opportunity and affirmative action as it relates to race, color, creed, religion, national origin, citizenship, sex, age, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, disability, or status as a disabled veteran or Vietnam-era veteran, or other protected veterans.

Any discriminatory action against these protected groups can be a cause for disciplinary action.

Sexual harassment is a form of sex discrimination and is illegal in the workplace. The University believes the best prevention against discrimination is education and training. All newly hired staff are required to attend a Prevention of Sexual Harassment training session.

Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action compliance efforts at the University of Washington are coordinated by the Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action.

Affirmative action data collection

When you are hired, we ask you to identify your race, sex, date of birth, disability status, and veteran status. We collect this information because the federal government requires that we maintain an affirmative action plan. Maintaining this plan using employee data is a condition of receiving federal contracts.

Your information is kept separate from your personnel file and is reported in aggregate to federal and state agencies. Refer to the EOAA’s Affirmative Action Data Form Guidance page.

Learn more about why UW collects affirmative action information.

Connect with UW Community

You help shape this world-class public university. There are thousands like you who are doing the same, so find out what’s happening and enjoy this rich, vibrant community.


Connect with your colleagues and be a part of the UW community by taking advantage of The Whole U. Created by UW for UW, The Whole U fosters community, promotes wellness, and helps you make the most out of working here. It’s fun and rewarding. Get started by finding an employee social group that matches your interests.


Humans have yet to develop a better way of building relationships than sitting with one another and sharing a meal. Have lunch with a co-worker or meet a colleague for coffee. One of the newest restaurants on campus is Cultivate, a full-service, thoughtfully decorated restaurant serving farm-to-table food, some of it grown on the UW Farm. Check out all the campus dining and coffee options.


Community living starts with community giving, and in 2015 UW employees raised $2,204,089 for nonprofits during the UW Combined Fund Drive. The drive makes giving easy by allowing you to choose your charities and donate directly out of your paycheck.


Stay on top of things by reading these sites and publications:

  • Faculty and Staff Insider is a collection of articles, event listings, and resources for faculty and staff
  • The Resource is a monthly newsletter listing classes, events, perks, and other information that helps you take full advantage of your employee status
  • UW Today is staffed with professional reporters who craft stories about what’s happening at UW. Learn about world-changing research happening right under your nose
  • The Daily is the student-run campus newspaper
  • The Race & Equity Initiative provides a collection of articles and resources that provide information on the initiative and challenge us to take personal responsibility for addressing our own biases and improving our university culture


As you probably already know, UW is one of the leading sports and cultural institutions in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Your status as an employee gives you access to all the great things UW has to offer. Explore these sites for more:

Career Development

You’re already working at the University, why not take some classes too? Use tuition exemption to take college courses at a reduced cost. Or advance your career and build your skills by taking professional development courses.

Tuition exemption

Take courses and work toward a degree while saving on tuition. That’s the bottom line of the tuition exemption program, a generous benefit the state offers to you as a UW employee. Use this fee waiver at the UW, other state schools, or local community colleges. Of course, taking advantage of this isn’t quite as simple as just showing up for class: for eligibility details and a list of participating schools, refer to tuition exemption.

Career development

UW Medicine Organization Development & Training offers services including Leadership Development classes, New Employee Orientation, Consulting and Coaching Services, and Employee/Team Development to UW Medicine staff.

Professional & Organizational Development offers classes, webinars, and certificate programs to UW staff. Courses focus on areas such as communication, leadership, process improvement, health care, fiscal procedures, management, HR administration, and other topics. Course fees are usually covered by your department. Talk with your supervisor for more information.

UW Professional & Continuing Education offers courses to the general public. Choose from 130 certificates, 60 degrees and hundreds of courses — some online — all designed with the needs of busy adults in mind. Tuition costs vary but can be significant.

Learning Technologies Workshops, offered by IT Connect, are free workshops to help you learn software and digital creation tools like HTML, CSS, Adobe InDesign, video editing, and more.

Perks and Discounts

Take a look at your Husky Card. What you hold is key to many of the perks and discounts available to you as a member of the UW community. (Don’t have a Husky Card yet? Get one soon.)

You have access to hundreds of discounts: visit the zoo, buy a bike, fix your car, try a restaurant, rent a canoe, get a haircut, eat a cupcake, join a gym, take a trip, or grab a coffee. Do all this and more a little cheaper. Find more than 200 discounts using the The Whole U list of employee discounts.

Here’s some more money saving resources available through UW: