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Last updated Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Whether you’re just getting started with Workday or a Workday power user, this section provides helpful overviews and resources intended for all employees using Workday at the UW.

In This Section…

⇒ Anti-Phishing Precautions for Workday
Learn how to safeguard yourself from phishing scams that try to trick you into disclosing sensitive data. Best practice: whenever you need to log into Workday, simply use the “Sign in to Workday” link at the top of this site.

⇒ Managing Your Personal and Work Information
Learn about the personal and work-related information kept in your Workday profile, as well as the importance of keeping it accurate and up-to-date, on the Managing Your Personal and Work Information page.

⇒ New to Workday?
New to the University of Washington and ready to start using Workday? Visit the New to Workday page to learn what steps you need to take to get started.

⇒ Supported Web Browsers
Workday is cloud-based software, and is therefore accessed via the internet. Learn more about the web browser requirements you’ll need for best results.

⇒ Using Duo 2FA With Workday
In order to access Workday, you will need to be enrolled in Duo, the UW’s two-factor authentication (2FA) solution.

⇒ Workday Releases
Workday releases major software updates twice a year, in March and in September. Learn about the changes and enhancements expected for each release on the Workday Releases page.

⇒ Workday for Managers
Visit the Workday for Managers page to learn about Workday specifics for those who both supervise employees and hold the Manager security role.

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