Employee Workday Help

Annual Workday Review Checklist

Last updated Monday, April 8, 2024

All UW employees should annually review their personal information in Workday to confirm everything is up-to-date and correct – inaccurate information can put your pay, benefits options, retirement contributions and taxes at risk.

1. Confirm Your Home Address Is Correct

Primary Address

Keeping your Personal Information (such as your legal name, phone number, and emergency contact details) up-to-date is always critical, but it’s especially important to make sure your home address is correct; a missing or incorrect address could put you at risk for not receiving your paycheck on time, receiving the wrong benefits options, or even being taxed incorrectly. Your Primary Home Address in Workday should be the address you use while working at the UW and is the address for which taxes will be based – Workday will automatically deduct out-of-state taxes from your paycheck if your primary address is located in a state with a state tax (e.g., California or Oregon).

Mailing Designation

Workday does not automatically designate your home address as your mailing address – but designating a current mailing address is critical for ensuring you receive your tax forms (e.g., W-2s, 1099-Rs and stipend letters), as well as your paycheck if a direct deposit no longer works.

Learn how to verify and update your address in the Edit Personal Information User Guide.

  • Are (or Were) You Working Out-of-State?
    Your work address in Workday impacts your taxes, too. If you notice it’s incorrect – for instance, if you’ve recently returned to on-site work after having worked out-of-state, but Workday still reflects you have a “remote” location – please contact your unit’s HCM Initiate 2 to make updates on your behalf using the “Change Job – Data Change” process.

    Refer to the Finding Your Support Roles (PDF) Quick Guide for help locating your HCM Initiate 2.

2. Review Your Tax Withholding Elections

Most employees have taxes deducted from their paycheck, per IRS policy. The amount withheld depends on details provided on the Form W-4 at hire. Employees can update their withholding elections at any time by following the steps in the Update Federal Withholding Elections User Guide.

TIP: Use the IRS’ Tax Withholding Estimator to help determine the best withholding allowances for you and your family.

Foreign Nationals: Based on tax status, not all Foreign National employees can make tax withholding updates.

3. Opt Out Of Paper Tax Forms

The UW strongly encourages employees to opt out of receiving paper tax forms and to instead retrieve their tax documents online through Workday. Online forms are more secure than paper tax forms and can be accessed more than two weeks earlier than when paper tax forms are mailed.

Individuals who opt out of paper tax forms can access their W-2 tax forms in Workday in early January. Paper tax forms will be mailed in late January.

4. Confirm Your Direct Deposit Information Is Correct

All employees should sign up for direct deposit of their pay as mandated by the State of Washington. Make sure your direct deposit details are current and correct – refer to the Updating Your Payment Elections section of the Payment Elections User Guide.