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Last updated Thursday, July 11, 2024

Whether wanting to learn how to perform everyday, routine activities in Workday (tracking your hours worked, asking for time off, locating your payslips, etc) or looking for deeper-dives into the more nuanced processes performed in Workday (enrolling in health and retirement benefits, hiring workers, requesting compensation changes, etc), these resources will help you navigate the ins-and-outs of the UW’s HR/Payroll system.

In This Section…

⇒ How to Get Workday Help
Trying to figure out who to contact when you need assistance with HR, payroll and benefits questions or issues? Use these guides to determine where to start when you need Workday help.

⇒ Contact summary
The ischelp@uw.edu email has been disabled. Please direct your inquiry via Contact us.

⇒ User Guide Library
Employees and Workday administrators alike can find step-by-step guidance on numerous Workday tasks in our comprehensive User Guide Library.

⇒ Quick Guides and Job Aids
We’ve abridged and condensed our most popular User Guides into simplified Quick Guides to quickly assist you with the most common Workday tasks.

⇒ Workday Training
Visit the Workday Training page for the relevant training content you will need for your Workday security role.

⇒ UW HR/Payroll Glossary
Visit the comprehensive glossary of Workday terms and concepts.