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Workday Training for Managers

Last updated Tuesday, January 3, 2023

This page is designed to point you to the training content you will need to review as a Manager in Workday. It will also give you an idea of what order would be best to consume it in if you’re new to Workday and/or your role. Pay close to attention to the population of employees each resource applies to.

Manager Self-Service

Get acquainted with the My Team worklet, organizational chart, and reports for managers.

All employees:
Manager Self-Service Videos | Videos | ~6m

Hiring & Staffing

Overview how hiring and staffing will work in and around Workday, including staffing models, the Hire Wizard, UWHires, compensation, and termination. Med Centers staff will also review positions and requisitions in the context of their systems.

Campus employees only:
Hiring and Staffing Overview | Videos | ~10m

Med Centers employees only:
Hiring and Staffing Overview | Videos | ~10m
Positions and Requisitions | Videos | ~12m

Time & Absence

Many managers in Workday also have a Time & Absence-related security role. These include approving, editing and canceling employee time and time off, setting work schedules.

Campus employees only:
Review the training that corresponds with your role.
[TAA 300] Approving Time and Absence Entries in Workday | eLearning
Time & Absence Approver | Videos | ~10m
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