Employee Workday Help

Workday Basics for Employees

Last updated Friday, May 3, 2024


This page is designed to provide learning content and resources to employees on using Workday. The page is sequenced in a way to help learn the fundamentals if you are new to Workday and/or your role. Please pay close attention to the employee population each resource applies to. 

1. Signing In & Basic Navigation

Get acquainted with logging into Workday, core navigational components, the search bar, and your profile.

Campus employees only:
Basic Navigation | Video | ~6m

Medical Centers employees only:
Basic Navigation | Video | ~10m

All employees:
How to Log In Using 2FA | Quick Guide

2. Updating Personal Information

Update and/or add your personal information including contact information, legal name, and emergency contacts.

All employees
Managing Your Personal and Work Information in Workday | Webpage
Edit Personal Information | User Guide
Edit Personal Information | Quick Guide

3. Accessing Pay Information

View information on compensation and pay slips, and view/edit payment elections like direct deposit, tax information, and tax elections.

All employees:
Your Paycheck and Payslip | Webpage
Direct Deposit (“Payment Elections”) | Webpage
Update Federal Withholding Elections | User Guide
Payment Elections (Direct Deposit) | Quick Guide
View Pay Slips | Quick Guide

Medical Centers employees only:
Accessing Pay Information | Videos | ~6m

4. Benefits

Review benefit enrollment information and instructions for newly-eligible employees, as well as benefit changes during open enrollment or life events.

All employees:
Newly-Eligible Employees: Enrolling in Benefits | Webpage
Changing Benefit Elections | Webpage

5. Time & Absence

View how to enter time and request time off. For Accu-Time users, learn about punching in, and editing Accu-Time entries.

Campus employees only:
Entering Time | Video | ~2.5m
Enter Time | Quick Guide
Enter Absence| Video | ~ 5m
Request Time Off | Quick Guide

Medical Centers employees only:
Time & Absence | Job Aid

Accu-Time users:
Punch In & Transfer Using Accu-Time | Quick Guide
Edit and Submit Accu-Time Entry
 | Quick Guide
Transfer Job/Dept. Using Accu-Time | Quick Guide

6. Performance Reviews (Med Centers Only)

Medical Centers managers only:
Performance Review Cycle – Manager Tasks | User Guide
Manager Performance Evaluations | Video series

Medical Centers employees only:
Performance Review Cycle – Employee Tasks | User Guide
Employee Performance Evaluations | Video series
Performance Review Cycle – Peer Tasks | User Guide

Additional Performance Evaluation Resources on the UW Medicine HR SharePoint site