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Part 2: Enrolling Dependents in Your Health Insurance

Last updated Monday, April 8, 2024

Verifying a Dependent’s Relationship to You

To enroll dependents in your health benefits, you must provide specific types of paperwork that serve as proof of a dependent’s relationship to you. Review the dependent verification documentation page for details.

You will need to upload (“attach”) your dependent verification documentation to Workday as part of your benefits enrollment process.

Don’t Miss the Verification Deadline!

  • Dependent verification documentation must be uploaded to Workday within 31 days of your benefits eligibility.

Please do not wait until your enrollment deadline to provide your dependent verification documentation – allow yourself time to submit any missing documentation/information prior to the 31-day deadline.

What happens if you miss the deadline?
If valid dependent verification documentation is not provided by your enrollment deadline:

  • It may result in some of your dependent(s) not being enrolled in or covered by your health insurance.
  • Your next opportunity to add new dependents would then be Open Enrollment (with coverage effective January 1), or a qualifying Life Event.

When Does a Dependent’s Coverage Take Effect?

UWHR Benefits will process your dependent enrollment(s) upon receipt of complete and accurate dependent verification documentation.

Once coverage has been approved, your dependents’ insurance coverage will become effective on the same date that your insurance benefits begin.

Frequently Asked Questions
Our FAQs for New/Newly-Eligible Employees page compiles questions that UWHR Benefits routinely receives from employees who are newly-eligible to enroll in benefits. If your question isn't addressed on the FAQs page, please don't hesitate to contact Benefits for assistance.