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Deadline Deep Dives: Payroll Calculation Window (Green Bar)

Last updated Thursday, April 4, 2024

The ISC Payroll team runs payroll calculations each night for six business days prior to finalizing payroll. This, then, is the window of time all units should be running be running their Earnings and Actuals reports and other payroll-impacting reports to catch, and confirm resolution of, any payroll errors before they impact the employee’s paycheck. The day after the Timesheet Approval Deadline is when the Payroll Office finalizes payroll, creates settlement files for direct deposits, produces paper checks, and submits FAS integrations to update financial records. (Whew!)

During the Payroll Calculation Window, the Payroll Office spends a considerable amount of time reviewing and clearing any payroll errors; if even one payroll error is left unresolved, payroll for the entire University stops. If you receive a phone call or email from the Payroll Office during this time, it is critical you respond as quickly as possible. If the Payroll Office can’t reach the unit or initiator by the last day of the Payroll Calculation Window, the payment with the error will need to be cancelled (and the employee will not receive pay for that pay period) in order to ensure the rest of the University is paid on time.

To guarantee payments arrive on time to the employee’s bank account, the Payroll Office must submit direct deposit files to the bank three days before payday.

Final Pay Calc Reminder

In order to process final payroll calculations, timesheets are necessarily locked on the day after the Timesheet Approval Deadline; please remind employees that timesheets cannot be submitted on the day after the Timesheet Approval Deadline. This means that if an employee missed submitting their timesheet by the Timesheet Approval Deadline, they will need to wait until after the final payroll calculation completes (the day after the Payroll Calculation Window ends) to submit their timesheet for what is now the “prior” pay period.

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